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Tuesday, February 7, 2012

Uncaring society

The longer I pursue a public transit lifestyle, the more I am convinced that the quality of American citizenship might be in jeopardy.  If today’s children demonstrate the quality of Americans we can expect tomorrow, then the future is not going to look pretty.

For me the daily interaction with the masses has brought a rather rude awakening.  I do apologize for being the "bearer of bad news,” but in the real American world, much of the unacceptable behavior in society has been demonstrated by the younger citizens. 

The truth is, the behavior, mannerisms, even the way of thinking of the young generation leave so much to be desired.  The “f” word is staple of their vocabulary.  Everything is f**king stupid.  Someone they know is a “f**king” moron.   A girl friend is a f**king b*tch.  The world is f**king insane.

Their dress code for school spells d-i-s-a-s-t-e-r.  The girls wear provocative attires and look dressed to go to a bar rather than the library.  The boys wear pants that almost fall off their hips, with pierced ears sporting huge cubic zirconias.

In all the years I have taken the public transit system, I have seen only one young man engrossed in a book.  Seriously!  The majority have their ears glued to their iPods or cell phones, their fingers chained to text messaging or their mouths uncontrollably spouting garbage.

When my bus route takes me to the middle school neighborhood, the ride would be quiet and restful…. until the school kids board and pollute the air with their nonstop negative chatter.  Obviously, they think that kids rule the universe and they have every right to such abrasive behavior.  Respect for others’ space and consideration for other passengers’ right to a peaceful commute is not their common practice.   Dare I say that they don't even understand the concept?

It is quite easy to blame this growing menace to the lack of parental discipline and the school system’s failure to do their job.  But I think that the sad reality is that the children of today are victims of a society that has ceased to care.  I have noticed such cold, uncaring attitude in most places.  Tell me I am wrong, but if this overall theme of “I don’t give a damn” prevails, it will lead to the deterioration, even demise, of core values that generate a kind and gentle society.  Just as parents should care that they are bringing up well-bred and respectful members of society, school authorities should care enough to produce outstanding citizens.  Everybody needs to care that our society is not going down the drain!

Producers of mass entertainment must realize their responsibility in shaping public mentalities and moral values.  Showing extreme violence, the disrespect for authorities, the reckless use of drugs and uncensored sex in films do not do anything for the soul.  Children learn by example and if all they ever see are graphic expression of unlovely thoughts, obscene language and sordid actions, their paths will not lead them to noble ideas and soulful deeds.

Honestly, I sense a bit of angst just thinking of what America would be like in a few years.  To even imagine the possible disappearing act of good manners and right conduct in society is hard to fathom.  I am witnessing such degradation on a daily basis and my heart aches. 

Those undisciplined young people will one day raise families of their own.  If they do not have a grasp of what being good, responsible citizens are all about, and the importance of sowing good deeds, what valuable qualities will they pass on to future generations?

We should cringe just thinking about it.